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On which Smart TV model is the app supported?


All Roku TV

TCL / Hisense, powered by RokuTV

Apple tvOS

Samsung Tizen


Android TV

Amazon Fire TV

15+ or later version

2018 TV

& the later version

v5 (2018Y)

& the later version

v6 (2016Y)

& the later version

v6 & the later version

Powered by AppleTV

Powered by Samsung

Powered by LG

SONY / TCL / FireTV, powered by Android TV, Google TV with chromecast

Powered by Amazon

Note: Supported device models may vary.

4. You can also sign in directly on TV. Click on 'Sign In on TV' and enter your email and password with the remote control.

3. You can sign in on your mobile device by scanning the QR code showing on TV screen with camera app, or manually typing in the url on mobile web.

1. Click the 'Profile icon' from the category on the Home screen.

2. Click 'Sign In' if you already have an account with OnDemandKorea. 

How do I sign in to the OnDemandKorea Smart TV App?

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How do I download the OnDemandKorea App on Smart TV?


*You need to sign in to your Smart TV account to download apps onto your Smart TV.

*The new OnDemandKorea app may not be supported on certain device models and older versions of Smart TVs.

Samsung Smart TV


Android TV

How do I sign up on the OnDemandKorea Smart TV App?

1. Click the 'Profile icon' on the left bottom corner of the Home screen.

2. Click 'Sign Up' to create a new account with OnDemandKorea.  

3. In the next screen, select 'Sign Up on TV' tab. 

4. Enter the email and password you would like to use for the account. Your account has been created.

How do I sign up or sign in on the OnDemandKorea website?