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은비는 부모님 없이 통영의 보육원에 살고 있다. 다른 학생들에게 계속 괴롭힘을 당하던 은비는 학교를 자퇴하고, 목숨을 끊을 생각으로 강물에 뛰어든다. 그때 은비와 똑같이 생긴 소녀, 은별이 은비를 구한다. 은별은 은비의 쌍둥이 언니로, 어릴 적 부유한 가정에 입양되면서 은비와 헤어졌다. 구조된 후 병원에 입원한 은비는 기억을 모두 잃는다. 설상가상 은비는 갑자기 사라진다. 은별을 찾기 위해 통영에 온 은별의 어머니 미경은 은비를 은별로 착각하고, 아무것도 기억하지 못하는 은비는 그때부터 은별의 삶을 살아간다. 하지만 서울 명문 세광고의 잇걸인 은별의 삶은 겉으로 보기보다 화려하고 아름답진 않다.

Eun Bi is a high school girl who lives without her parents in Tongyeong. She keeps being bullied by other students and is forced to drop out of school. She tries to kill herself out of frustration and pain by jumping into a river. However, she is saved by Eun Byeol, her twin sister. Eun Byeol was adopted by a wealthy family when she was young. After being rescued, Eun Bi is admitted to a hospital, but she has lost her memory. To make matters worse, Eun Byeol goes missing. Mi Kyung, Eun Byeol's adoptive mother, searches everywhere, looking for her. And when she runs into Eun Bi, she mistakes her for Eun Byeol. Not remembering anything, Eun Bi thinks she really is Eun Byeol and starts living as her. Revolving around the high school girl whose life has been changed by a twist of fate, the various aspects of students' lives unfold.

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