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서울지방법원 판사 이동준은 병원장의 아들이지만 가족의 도움 없이 자신의 커리어를 이어가고 있다. 어느 날 그의 앞에 나타난 경찰 신영주는 올곧은 기자로 살다가 누명을 쓴 아버지의 억울함을 밝히려 한다. 영주가 아버지의 무죄를 입증할 증거를 제출했음에도, 동준은 자신에게 가해진 압박을 견디지 못하고 억울한 사람에게 유죄 선고를 내린다. 경찰 직위를 잃을 위기에 처한 영주는 아버지에게 누명을 씌운 자들을 잡기 위해동준을 협박, 로펌 태백에 취직한다. 진실을 집요하게 쫓는 영주와 여전히 양심의 가책을 느끼는 동준은 막강한 태백을 무너뜨리기 위해 힘을 합친다.

Young Joo is a detective. As she spends the better part of her time dealing with criminals, she tends to speak bluntly, but she also has a girlish side to her. Dong Joon is a judge who refuses to use his family's connections and wants to stand on his own. Young Joo's father has been framed for murder, so she tries to prove his innocence. She hopes Dong Joon will help her father after she finds crucial evidence. However, Dong Joon is in danger of failing to be reappointed. Even though he has always wanted to be a fair and righteous judge, he succumbs to temptation when faced with the danger of not being reappointed and convicts Young Joo's father. Young Joo and Dong Joon seem to be enemies, but the future has much more in store for them, and their relationship changes.

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