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순봉은 30년 간 두부가게를 운영하며 세 자녀를 키운 다정하고 자상한 아버지이다. 큰딸 강심은 유능한 비서실장으로, 둘째 강재는 훌륭한 종양 전문의가 되었고, 막내 달봉은 학교를 마치고 일자리를 찾고 있다. 하지만 어느 날 순봉은 아이들이 얼마나 이기적이고 배은망덕하게 자랐는지 깨닫고, 자식들에게 '불효 소송'을 제기하려 한다. 이날 이후 세 자녀는 순봉은 물론이고 서로에게 반감을 품는다. 과연 이 가족은 화해하고 새롭게 출발할 수 있을까?

Soon Bong has been nothing but a loving and doting father to his three children. For 30 years, he ran a tofu store in order to raise them. His oldest, Kang Sim, is an extremely competent chief secretary, while Kang Jae has become an excellent oncologist. Dal Bong, the youngest, is currently looking for a job. However, when Soon Bong realizes how ungrateful his children have become, he decides to file a lawsuit against them for child ingratitude. Following this incident, all of the children find themselves clashing with Soon Bong as well as with each other. Will this family be able to reconcile and get a fresh start in life? And what will come out of their own personal love lives?

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