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대한민국 모든 아이돌의 예능 입문서이자 전세계 아이돌 팬의 입덕 안내서. 아이돌의 죽은 예능감마저 부활시키는 아이돌 예능 전문 MC들의 조련으로 아이돌은 참예능을 깨우치고 아이돌 팬은 나만의 아이돌을 발견하게 된다.

At Weekly Idol, idols get their first taste of variety shows and learn the ropes while fans explore the vast and fascinating world of idols. The show is composed of various segments, some intended to awaken ‘variety sense’ in idols, such as Random Play Dance and X2 Speed Dance Challenge, and others focused on learning more about idols, like Grill Idol where the guest idols must accurately answer show hosts’ questions.

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