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백화점 상위 1% 고객을 담당하는 VIP 전담팀의 차장 나정선은 일과 사랑 모두에서 성공을 거뒀다. 특히 같은 팀 팀장인 남편 성준과의 결혼생활은 완벽 그 자체였다. 하지만 어느 날 밤, \"당신 팀에 당신 남편 여자가 있어요.\"라는 문자를 받으면서 그의 인생은 지옥으로 변한다. 정선은 믿었던 남편에 큰 배신감을 느끼고 의심하기 시작한다. 성준의 비밀을 파헤치기로 결심하면서, 정선은 자신의 삶을 똑바로 바라볼 용기를 낸다.

Jung Sun is the deputy head of the VIP team in Sungun Department Store. She seems to be having a happy life as she's recognized for her competency at work and is always on good terms with her husband Sung Jun, the head of the VIP team. But on the other hand, no one knows how hard she struggles to be loved by others due to the trauma she got from having been abandoned by both her birth mother and her stepmother. She firmly believes that Sung Jun would never let her down at least. One day, she gets an anonymous message. "Your husband is having an affair with someone in your team." After receiving this message, she gets to know the secrets of Sung Jun and the women.

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