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드라마 '미스터 션샤인'의 주인공, 유진초이의 실제 모델이 있다면? 지난 2023년, 타국에서 눈을 감은 지 꼭 100년 만에 고국으로 돌아온 독립지사 '황기환'은 실제 유진초이와 굉장히 비슷한 삶을 살았다. 작가 김은숙, 배우 박기웅이 외교 독립 운동에 일생을 바친 황기환 지사의 삶을 돌아보는 여정에 동참, 그의 잘 알려지지 않은 족적을 찾아 나선다.

Have you ever wondered if the protagonist of 'Mister Sunshine', Yoojin Choi, was modeled after a real person? Recently, the remains of Mr. Hwang Ki-hwan, an independent activist who passed away 100 years ago, returned to his home country. Interestingly, Mr. Hwang led a life very similar to Yoojin Choi's, but his accomplishments are relatively unknown to the public. In an effort to shed light on his legacy, screenwriter Kim Eun-sook and actor Park Ki-woong are embarking on a journey to retrace Mr. Hwang's footsteps and learn more about his dedication to the diplomatic independence movement.

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