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홈쇼핑 호스트로 일하던 은수는 직장 동료 태원과 결혼했지만, 심각한 고부 갈등으로 4년 만에 이혼한다. 딸 하나를 사이에 둔 두 사람은 지금은 친구로 지내고 있다. 이혼 후 쇼 호스트로 복귀한 은수는 지금의 남편 준구와 재혼했지만 자신이 상상했던 평범한 주부의 삶을 살진 못한다. 한편 은수의 동생 현수는 25살 때 유기견 보호소에서 만난 광모와 함께 사업을 하고 있다. 현수는 광모에게 호감을 느끼고 있지만, 아직까지는 가슴 아픈 짝사랑일 뿐이다. 사랑과 결혼, 이혼과 재혼으로 달라진 두 여자의 인생은 앞으로 어떻게 될까?

When Eun Soo was a home shopping host, she met Tae Won at work and married him. Eun Soo and Tae Won have a daughter. Because of the serious conflict between Eun Soo and her mother-in-law, however, Eun Soo and Tae Won get divorced after four years. Eun Soo maintains a friendly relationship with Tae Won. After getting divorced, Eun Soo works as a home shopping host again and remarries Kim Jun Gu, her current husband, but she can't live as an ordinary housewife as she imagined. Hyun Soo is Eun Soo's younger sister and runs a company with Kwang Mo who she met at a dog shelter when she was 25. She has a crush on him, and it's quite heartrending to be in one-sided love. Two women's lives change with marriage, divorce, and remarriage. How will their lives work?

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