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몽룡을 따라간 청풍각에서 춘향에게 한 눈에 반해 버린 몽룡의 몸종 방자는 도련님이 그녀를 마음에 두고 있다는 사실에 마음을 접으려 하다 자신을 무시하는 몽룡에게 적개심을 품고 춘향에게 자신의 마음을 표현한다. 춘향 역시 방자에게 끌려 마침내 방자는 춘향을 품게 되지만, 신분 상승의 꿈을 포기하지 못한 춘향은 몽룡이 과거 시험을 보러 떠나기 전 그와 정인 서약을 한다. 이를 아는 방자가 여전히 춘향을 향한 마음을 버리지 못하고 있던 어느날, 장원 급제한 몽룡이 돌아와 춘향에게 더 큰 출세를 위한 거래를 제안한다.

Bangja escorts his master (Mong-ryong) to an evening out at the local pleasure house, where they are witness to a performance by the madam's daughter Chunhyang. While trying to arrange a meeting between Chunhyang and his rather clumsy and socially awkward master, Bangja defends Mong-ryong from a larger, disgruntled patron and inadvertently impresses Chunhyang. Chunhyang begins to fall for him and makes love to him on several occasions. Due to his low social-standing, however, she seeks to marry Mong-ryong and enlists Bangja's help in order to make this plan a reality. Mong-ryong is called away to Seoul for 3 years to finish studying. When he comes back after 3 years as the new governor of his town, he realizes Bangja still loves Chunhyang, and makes a certain kind of deal with her.

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