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밖에 있는 사람은 잘 모르고 안에 있는 사람은 무뎌졌다. 직접 살아본 사람만이 알 수 있는 한국사회의 다양한 모습을 캐나다 교포 청년 폴 초의 눈으로 초근접 탐사해 보여주는 다큐 장르의 드라마.

Outsiders do not really know what it is. Insiders are too used to it that they don't notice anything out of ordinary. Through the lens of a Korean-Canadian man Paul Cho, the drama explores many sides of the Korean society that only people who have lived in Korea can understand and sympathize. Sometimes biting and sometimes heart-warming, the drama will give its viewers an opportunity to see their surrounding and ordinary incidents with fresh eyes.

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