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연예인 아빠와 아이들의 특별한 시간들! 아이들과 함께 보내는 시간이 적고 육아에 서툰 아빠들은 엄마가 없는 동안 아이들을 제대로 돌볼 수 있을가? 귀여운 아이들과 아빠들이 쌓아가는 감동과 웃음 가득한 놀라운 순간들을 함께 엿본다.

Celebrity dads take care of their children on their own without any help! While the moms enjoy their freedom away from childrearing, dads who aren't as familiar raising them must spend time with them. How will dads who aren't as skilled and children who like their moms more spend their days? A childrearing reality TV show about celebrity dads and cute children filled with emotional, funny, and surprising moments. Let's take a look at their lives.

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