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미국 Carnegie Research 1 레벨 대학 교수 15년차가 알려드리는 유학생으로 그리고 교수로써 실패, 생존, 그리고 성장 스토리. 대학원 생활부터 정교수가 되기까지의 경험과 노하우를 아낌없이 풀어냅니다.

I am a tenured full professor in a social science discipline at a Carnegie Research 1 state flagship university in the United States. I came to America in the early 2000s to get my master's and Ph.D. My channel is a place to share my failure, survival, and success stories as a graduate student and a professor. I hope my channel can be an ideal space to receive and share study tips and get motivated to study.

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