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축구를 하길 꿈꿨던 여성들의 도전이 시작된다! 모델, 가수, 코미디언, 배우 등 다양한 분야의 여성들이 모여 축구팀을 결성한다. 한국 축구 영웅들의 특급 지도아래 축구 실력과 조직력, 팀웍을 쌓아가는 선수들. 이들의 펼치는 환희와 감동 가득한 경기를 따라가 보자.

Led by Oh Na Mi and Park Sun Young, who showed exceptional capacity during the last pilot, the players are back once again with upgraded skills. Celebrities who are earnest when it comes to soccer and Korea’s World Cup heroes as the coaching staff are gathered to present fun and inspiration for women’s soccer. The teams are organized with more powerful players, systematic training, and coaching. Fascinating big matches toward victory are expected.

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