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은강은 평범해 보이는 모습 아래 욕망을 품고 살아간다. 고등학생 때 만난 부잣집 아가씨 바다에게 상대적 박탈감을 느끼지만 그래도 20년간 바다의 가장 친한 친구로 남는다. 심지어 자신이 짝사랑한 차원이 바다와 사랑에 빠져 결혼하는 것까지 지켜보면서. 하지만 4년 동안 사귄 남자 친구가 공무원 시험에 합격하면서 은강에게 이별을 고하자, 은강의 인내심은 완전히 바닥난다. 자신이 그동안 누리지 못한 것들을 얻기 위해, 은강은 오랫동안 품고 있던 비밀을 이용해 계획을 꾸민다.

Eun Kang looks ordinary and plain on the outside, but her true desire remains hidden within her heart. Ever since her freshman year of high school when she first met Ba Da, she’s been Ba Da’s best friend, despite the surging feelings of relative deprivation she gets with Ba Da around. Seeing her so-called best friend take away her secret crush is already hard enough, but things quickly turn for the worse when she gets dumped by the boyfriend she’s been devoted to for four years. With nothing left in her life, Eun Kang hatches a little scheme of her own involving Ba Da’s in-laws, whom she’s been on good terms with for longer than Ba Da has, only for it to backfire on her. Ba Da, on the other hand, trusts the false version of Eun Kang enough to share all her secrets, but her faith later comes back to haunt her. Eun Kang’s long-concealed desire finally begins to crystallize.

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