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은수는 순수하고 낙천적이며 자신의 감정과 의견에 언제나 솔직하다. 가출한 이복동생 지수를 찾으러 서울에 왔다가 백화점 이벤트 담당자 강태주에게 첫눈에 반하고, 자존심도 버린 채 그에게 마음을 내보인다.. 하지만 연애 경험이 많고 사랑을 좀 안다고 자신하는 바람둥이 강태주를 사랑하는 건 너무나 힘들다. 태주는 어느 날 갑자기 자신의 일상에 훅 들어온 이웃사람 한은수가 부담스럽다. 책임도 감정도 없는 쿨한 연애만 즐기던 그는 은수를 통해 진짜 사랑을 알아간다.

Eun Soo is a naive, optimistic, and honest woman who works as an office assistant at a department store. Although she looks inexperienced, she is always honest about her feelings and opinions. Eun Soo also does everything for her stepsister, Ji Soo. One day, when she meets Kang Tae Ju, she falls in love with him and throws away all her pride to get his love back. Tae Ju is favored among women since he is good-looking and has good manners. But he also likes to show off and sometimes loses his temper. Two men and two women desire their love, living with distinct characters and in various circumstances. Will they be able to be free from the complexity of love after they recklessly put themselves into these tangled love stories?

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