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유재석을 실시간으로 '플레이' 하는 신개념 인터랙티브 버라이어티 쇼! 매주 시청자와 실시간으로 소통하며, 다양한 테마의 미션을 수행한다. 유재석은 시청자들의 전략과 제안을 바탕으로 모든 방법을 동원해 제한된 시간 내에 미션을 달성해야 하며, 온라인에 접속한 시청자들은 집단지성을 활용해 유재석의 미션 수행을 돕는다.

The interactive variety show with a new concept starts now, through which you can play Yu Jae Seok live. Yu Jae Seok and the viewers complete missions by communicating with each other in real-time. Jae Seok is assigned missions of various themes every week, and he has to accomplish them within a limited time by using every method based on the strategies and suggestions from the viewers. The viewers realize team play of collective intelligence with many others who are online so that Jae Seok can accomplish his missions as if he is a character in a computer game. You can have high hopes for this show with a new concept!

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