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성격은 까칠하지만 실력 하나는 최고인 법의학자 백범. 발랄하고 엉뚱하지만 수사 과정에선 최고의 집중력을 보여주는 초보 검사 은솔. 범죄 수사의 양면과 같은 존재인 국과수 법의학자와 검사, 죽음 뒤 진실을 파헤치고 정의를 구현하는 특별한 공조가 시작된다.

Whether it be in a crime scene or in one's life, every contact leaves a trace. Therefore, a perfect crime does not exist; however, the chemistry between Baek Beom and Eun Sol cannot be any more perfect. Baek Beom is an odd yet outstanding forensic scientist who performs autopsies on victims. Eun Sol is a rookie prosecutor who corners and pins down assailants. Deaths may not bring upon any answers, but these two characters must reveal the answers and the truth that lie underneath the corpses. In the autopsy room, a scalpel is more powerful than a gun, and evidence is used to solve mysteries. What kind of incidents happen in these rooms, and what kind of people are in there? Join these two investigators on their journey as they discover the truth and right the wrong!

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