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정우의 합류로 완전체가 된 NCT 127! 아홉 멤버가 대한민국의 핫한 휴양지 가평에서 바캉스 배틀을 시작한다. 다양한 게임에서 드러나는 멤버들 간의 경쟁심과 승부욕! 럭셔리한 숙소에서 다양한 먹거리를 즐기며 게임으로 팀워크를 다지는 NCT 127 멤버들의 휴가를 따라가 보자.

Including JUNGWOO, who makes his first appearance, this is the first NCT LIFE series with all nine NCT 127 members. The members' competitiveness and teamwork get revealed as they start a vacation battle in the hottest vacation spot in Korea, Gapyeong. With a mixture of amazing games including random games, morning mind games, underwater battles, and tough missions, the members go through a mixture of emotions. Join the NCT 127 members' vacation as they enjoy all sorts of delicacies in a luxurious venue.

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