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DC 타입으로 유해 전자파로부터 안전하게! 알아서 일정한 온도를 유지하는 스마트 히팅 케어 시스템! 예약기능으로 수면에 최적화된 나의 수면 솔루션! 직접 경험하세요! 온라인몰 에서 구매 가능하며, 전화주문은 월요일 - 금요일: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432)로 가능합니다.

The detection line detects temperature changes in any part of the mat to prevent any overheating. Separate heating integrated with proven temperature control technology for the water heater and water heated mattress pads.Conveniently operate the product even when you’re outside of your home through the Navien Mate App. Has a jog dial feature, that’s ergonomically designed for easy temperature control and its Low Voltage Direct Current Design (DC 24V) is safe to use and free from harmful electromagnetic waves, with separate structure of regulator and adapter. Show now! you can order at and phone orders are also available on Mon~Fri: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432).

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