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대한민국 운명을 대표할 과학기술을 시청자 눈높이에 맞춰 알아보고 검증하는 프로그램. 연예인 '국민과학수사대'가 시청자를 대신해 대한민국 과학기술 11대 주제를 직접 탐구한다. 흥미로운 사실을 재미있게 전달하는 매력적인 과학 스토리텔링 쇼.

National Science Representatives are here to examine science and technology for the future! Three celebrity hosts, a.k.a. the National Science Investigation team, get to know the eleven crucial science and technology that can shape the nation's future. The show aims to break down the high wall that can prevent us from learning interesting sciences with compelling stories.

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