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최초 신고 접수부터 피의자 검거까지, 이제껏 한 번도 공개된 적 없는 100% 리얼 범죄 수사 스토리. 대한민국 범죄 업무를 총괄하는 경찰청 국가수사본부 강력팀에서 24시간 불철주야 근무하는 형사들의 치열한 삶을 따라간다. 살인, 의문사, 마약, 성범죄 등 충격적인 범죄들의 끔찍한 면모가 낱낱이 드러난다. <그것이 알고 싶다> 제작진의 더욱 리얼한 범죄실화 다큐멘터리.

A 100 percent true story about criminal investigation, which has never been revealed before, unfolds and lays actual incidents bare, from receiving the initial reports to apprehending the suspects. This documentary depicts the intense lives of the detectives who work 24/7 at the Violent Crimes Unit at the National Office of Investigation of the Korean National Police Agency, which is an organization in charge of all police work. Shocking crimes, from murders to suspicious deaths, drugs, and sexual offenses, come to the surface. The terrifying aspects of numerous and various crimes, which have been collected all around the country, will be laid bare. We invite you to see the endings of the incidents we have unraveled ourselves through hands-on work.

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