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미스터트롯 2 Top 7이 새로운 시작을 위해 특별한 하루를 보낸다. MC, 마스터와 함께하는 달콤살벌 비하인드 토크와 팬들을 위한 깜짝 버스킹까지! 사랑을 보내준 시청자와 트롯 팬을 위해 '미스터트롯 2'가 선사하는 종합선물세트.

The Top 7 of Mister Trot Season 2 have a special day to celebrate their new beginning. They share interesting behind-the-scene talks with the hosts and the masters and give surprising street performances for the fans. Let's enjoy the comprehensive presents from Mister Trot 2 for viewers and trot fans who have supported the show and contestants throughout the contest.

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