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크리스마스 이브에 태어나 이름이 '메리'가 된 메리는 긍정적이고 낙천적인 성격의 소유자다. 노래하고 춤출 때 가장 행복한 그녀의 꿈은 뮤지컬 배우. 오디션에서 매번 떨어져도 언젠가는 꿈을 이룰 것이라 생각하며 포기하지 않는다. 한편 소설가를 꿈꾸는 백수 강대구는 멋진 외모를 후줄근한 스타일로 가리고 살고 있다. 같은 동네 주민인 두 사람은 첫만남부터 편의점 컵라면을 두고 다퉜고, 그날 이후 마주칠 때마다 티격태격한다. 웬수(?)가 된 두 사람은 과연 진정한 행복을 찾을 수 있을까?

Mary was named Mary because she was born on Christmas Eve. Mary, who is full of positivity and optimism, wants to be a musical theater actor because she is happiest when singing and dancing. Although she failed numerous auditions, she is patiently waiting without giving up. Dae Gu is an unknown martial arts novelist and is sexy and charismatic from his looks to his physical strength, like the main character of the martial arts novel. Unlike his appearance, Dae Gu, who has a wild past and lifestyle, meets Mary, a local girl looking for a part-time job, and there isn't a day for them without arguments. Will these two be able to find happiness in their hearts and live happily?

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