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대한민국 문맹률 1%! 배우기 쉽고 쓰기 편한 한글을 모르는 사람들이 있다! 오랫동안 배움을 꿈꿨지만 여든이 넘어서야 한글을 깨치고 세상과 소통할 기회를 얻은 논산 작은 마을 칠공주 할머니들의 특별한 사연을 소개한다.

Korea's illiteracy rate is 1%, thanks to Hanguel, which is easy to learn and write. The documentary focuses on the 1% who somehow got deprived of the chance to learn. Let's meet the seven grannies in a small village in Nonsan who have dreamed of learning Hanguel and communicating with the world. In their 80s, they finally have a chance to learn the letters. What are their stories?

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