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인생의 가장 빛나는 순간, 숱한 물음표에 빠진 청춘들에게 ‘인생 사부’가 생긴다면? 사부님의 독보적 업적 뒤에는 어떤 비밀이 숨어있는지 알아보는 리얼 버라이어티. 이승기, 양세형, 신성록, 차은우, 김동현 등 다섯 명의 스타들이 사부와의 1박 2일간 함께 살면서 사부들의 삶의 방식에서 깨달음을 얻는다.

Almost everyone questions the purpose and goal of life. And most successful people have unique perspectives and lifestyles that have made them stand out from the norm. This reality show stars five young men, Lee Seung Gi, Yang Se Hyeong, Shin Seong Rok, Kim Dong Hyun, and Cha Eun Woo who are famous in their own right but are searching for more. They are turning to the masters of success to see what they can learn and emulate in their own lives. They'll spend 2 days and 1 night learning from the la creme de la creme in Korea. Who will they meet on this journey? And what pearls of wisdom will they learn? Come along for the ride and see what these five young men will discover.

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