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10명의 남자들이 뭉쳤다! '끼리끼리'는 박명수, 장성규, 황광희, 김성규 등 10명의 출연자가 비슷한 성향대로 팀을 나누고, 같은 상황에 어떻게 반응하는지를 관찰한다. 같은 상황에서도 성향에 따라 다른 모습을 보이는 것이 큰 웃음과 재미를 선사한다.

In a new variety program, ten different guys make groups according to the similarity in personalities. Park Myeong-soo, Jang Sung-kyu, Hwang Kwang-hee, and others will be divided into teams and be thrust on the same situation. Their reactions based on their personalities will be different and unique. If you are similar to one of them, you will have fun finding an aspect of yourself in them.

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