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은한은 살기 위해서 목숨을 걸고 위험한 성형 수술을 감행한다. 새 얼굴을 갖게 되었지만, 수술 후유증으로 기억을 잃는다. 은한의 수술을 맡아 그를 머리부터 발끝까지 새로운 사람으로 만들어낸 강우. 하지만 기억을 잃고 괴로워하는 은한을 지켜보면서 안타까움을 느끼고, 그가 기억을 찾는 걸 돕는다. 두 사람은 은한의 과거를 찾아가며 가까운 사람들에게 상처받은 마음을 드러낸다. 하지만 은한이 기억의 단서를 하나둘씩 찾아가면서 그의 어둡고 불행한 과거가 그들의 앞에 모습을 드러낸다.

In order to live, a woman named Eun Han risks her life by going through a dangerous surgical procedure for a new face. However, due to the after-effects of surgery, she loses her memory. She tries to find the missing pieces of her memory and while suffering from a different face and not knowing about herself, Kang Woo appears in front of her. Kang Woo has been hurt as his lover left him. He suffers as his relationship with his father gets worse. Like they were destined, Eun Han and Kang Woo reunites. He becomes determined to help Eun Han find her memory. As they work together, Kang Woo slowly opens up his closed heart to Eun Han. Meanwhile, Chan Ki, the morning news anchor, lives a perfect life. However, he seems to have a dark side which no one would have ever imagined. This mystery melodrama takes people to unexpected places with unexpected people.

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