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깊어만 가는 눈가, 미간, 팔자주름 보툴리늄 스틱으로 채워주자! 피부 바탕부터 탄탄하게! 12가지 멀티 펩타이드 성장인자 5종이 듬뿍담긴 멀티밤 스틱. 온라인몰 에서 구매 가능하며, 전화주문은 월요일 - 금요일: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432)로 가능합니다.

Whitening Wrinkle improvement Dual function. The formula made with patented technology is soft and moist on the skin. Multi-balm that solves dark spot management and moisture problems at once. 50% moisturizing essence included 30% vitamin tree extract, 20 kinds of whitening complex added. you can order at and phone orders are also available on Mon~Fri: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432).

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