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미각, 후각, 요리 솜씨로 유명했던 '대장금' 기억하시나요? 수라간 상궁에서 왕의 주치의가 된 그의 일생 스토리는 많은 사람에게 감동을 주었죠. 그렇다면 만약! 장금이의 후손이 살아있다면 어떻게 살고 있을까요? 발칙한 상상에서 시작된 드라마 '대장금이 보고 있다'에서 조상님의 절대 후각, 절대 미각, 음식 솜씨까지 물려받은 삼 남매의 일상과 그들이 만들어내는 따뜻한 요리를 만나보세요.

Do you remember Dae Jang Geum of the Joseon Dynasty under King Jung Jong's rule who was renowned for her sense of taste, smell, and cooking? She was the first female physician to the king, something inconceivable during the Joseon era. She was someone with extraordinary skills that impressed the king, and someone we should all aim to match. In this day and age, we were curious to know how her descendants were living, and with this drama, we plan to share with you their joyful, everyday lives. This mouth-watering, romance-filled, variety-drama is about three siblings who live to eat. We invite you to sit at their dinner table and enjoy with them the most heartwarming dishes even Grandma Jang Geum would approve. Don't miss out on this feast!

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