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왕의 아들로 태어났지만 죽은 자로 살아야 했던 청년 대길은 불우한 시절을 딛고 조선을 뒤흔드는 도박꾼으로 성장한다. 한편 무수리의 몸에서 태어난 왕자 연잉군은 제왕의 운명을 타고났다는 이유로 이복형인 경종과 그의 지지 세력에게 끊임없이 견제당한다. 조선을 뒤엎으려는 이인좌는 대길을 이용해 왕실에 파란을 일으키려 하고, 이인좌의 반란은 왕자들의 목숨마저 위태롭게 만든다.

Dae Gil, born with the fate of being the son of King Sukjong but forced to live his life as if he's dead, overcomes a rough start and becomes a card shark shaking up Joseon. King Yeongjo, born the son of a maid, is endlessly kept in check by his half-brother King Gyeongjong and his power. Born to a family of rebels, the cold-blooded genius Lee In Jwa takes King Gyeongjong under his wing and aims to build his own royal court, consisting of the extraordinary genius politician Lee In Jwa, Lady Choi Sukbin, who holds the king's heart in her hands, her son King Yeongjo, and Joseon's best card shark, Dae Gil. At stake are their lives and the sole throne of Joseon. It's time to wage war like a single, enormous gambling round.

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