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인기 추리소설 작가인 장재열과 대학병원 정신과 의사인 해수는 우연히 토크쇼에 함께 출연해 곧 출간될 재열의 책에 관련해 열띤 토론을 벌인다. 이후 두 사람은 선배 정신과 의사인 동민의 집에서 하우스메이트로 지내면서, 남들에게 솔직히 보여줄 수 없는 마음의 상처를 조심스레 내보인다. 각자 다른 생활 방식과 신념을 지키면서도 상대를 점점 이해하게 된 두 사람은 사랑에 빠진다.

A doctor bumps into an award-winning writer in a talk show, which leads them to a heated debate on an upcoming book about goodness. A man who comes from a family with a murder case, Jae Yeol, but doesn't know his guilt from what happened to his childhood. A woman from a debt family faces her anxieties even as a psychiatrist who slowly falls in love with him. Through thick and thin, the couple faces the problems of psychological disorders, with the hopes of having their love prevail amidst their considerable differences in lifestyles and beliefs. They are accompanied by senior psychologist Dong Min, a problematic Soo Gwang, high school student So Nyeo, and his friend Gang Woo.

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