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2000년부터 매주 일요일, 대한민국에서 사랑받는 음악과 아티스트를 소개하는 음악 프로그램. 국내뿐 아니라 해외에서도 사랑받는 K-POP 아티스트의 환상적인 무대를 만날 수 있다.

Since the year 2000, SBS Inkigayo has been a weekly music show that features and introduces viewers to the most popular artists in Korea. Every Sunday, the most popular artists as well as newcomers perform their music in front of a live audience, many of those being their fans. The MCs interview the various artists on the show so that they can showcase the highlights of their song and even prepare sneak peaks for the next, upcoming week. In addition, some celebrities surprise their fans with a comeback. The show highlights the top songs of the week and ends with the presentation of an award to the most popular song of the week. Tune in to see who is the winner of this week, and enjoy the most recent and popular K-Pop songs

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