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무분별한 정보의 홍수속에서 감별되고 꼭 필요한 알짜 정보만을 선별해 전한다. 트렌드, 건강, 여행등 시청자의 요구대로 시청자의 눈으로 확인할 수 있다. 시청자를 위한 시청자에 의한 시청자 취향 저격 정보쇼.

In the age of information, it is easy to get confused or misguided by the deluge of information that are often inaccurate and unverified. The program selects and delivers only the proven and essential information on diverse areas of interests, including but not limited to: trend, health, and travel. Viewers can request the type of information they need and verify their accuracy and usefulness.

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