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대한민국 최초 남남 연애 리얼리티 쇼 '남의 연애!' 여덟 명의 남자가 같은 집에 함께 살면서 사랑의 가능성을 탐색한다. 이상형을 밝히고, 데이트를 하고, 삼각관계에 빠지고, 질투와 설렘, 실망과 희망을 모두 느낀다. 멋진 남자들의 평범하고 극적인 연애 게임, 과연 그 결말은?

This is the first men's dating reality show in Korea where honest and bold men's hearts get revealed. A total of eight men stay in the same house together and show a series of sweetness and nervousness. The charming eight men of diverse occupations test one another as triangular relationships form. The men reveal their ideal types and go on dates with each other. To go on a date with their preferred partners, the men go through excitement and disappointment after a series of mind games. How will things pan out for these men?

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