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조선이 세워진 후 나라를 지켜온 무기 칼. 하지만 개화기 조선에 유입된 신식 소총은 칼의 힘을 약화시키고 계몽을 주장하는 이들을 죽인다. 청년 박윤강은 조선 최고의 검객 박진한의 아들이라는 자부심을 지니고 살았다. 하지만 신식 소총에 아버지뿐 아니라 선비들과 백성들이 스러지자, 그는 칼을 버리고 소총을 택한다. 그리고 윤강의 총구는 격변의 시기에 자신들의 부와 권력에만 혈안이 된 양반들을 향한다.

The weapon that protected Joseon since its founding was the sword. It was always up to the sword to end the battle. However, a new rifle that flowed into Joseon during the time of enlightenment reversed such a notion. Ironically, the muzzle of the new rifle aims at the king and scholars who insist on enlightenment. To fight against it, Yoon Kang, the son of Joseon's best swordsman Park Jin Han, abandons his sword and confronts his enemy with a rifle. While the king was humiliated by the Chinese emperor and the people groaned in pain because of paying tributes, Park Yoon Kang appears as a gunman to revenge on the aristocrats who were preoccupied with protecting their power and wealth.

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