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데뷔의 꿈을 이룬 30명의 걸그룹 멤버들이 두 번째 기회를 위한 경쟁에 나선다. 이름도 정체도 숨기고 가상 세계의 버추얼 아이돌(virtual idol)로 참여하는 서바이벌! 이들 중 단 다섯 명이 새 걸그룹의 멤버가 된다. 과연 그 주인공은?

Thirty girls who made their debut gather again after the fierce and competitive audition. Here they are to challenge themselves for a second chance. They are preparing for a survival stage to become virtual idol singers in a virtual world where their names and identities are hidden. Boom will be the MC and Bada, Aiki, and Pengsoo will be their singing, dancing, and styling instructors. The 30 girls from 11 different groups will be performing wearing a VR device and evaluated by the instructors. Which five members will be selected as the new girl group members? [Character License]

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