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태어난 순간부터 좋든 싫든 항상 내 편이 되어줄 형제자매, 이른바 '호적메이트'를 관찰하는 리얼리티 쇼. 다양한 스타들이 출연해 그들의 일상과 현재자매들과 티격태격하는 모습을 공개한다. 주변에서 한 번쯤 볼 만한 현실 형제자매의 모습에 공감하고 웃을 수 있다.

As you were born, they just happen to be your family who will always be on your side, whether like it or not. The project of exploring other households' siblings and their daily lives begins. Lee Gyeong Gyu, the cool guy and the third child with a brother and two sisters, will be hosting. And out of the extremely different two sisters, actress Kim Jung Eun the social butterfly who needs more than 24 hours to meet people, and straightforward DinDin, the youngest brother with two sisters, who speaks up for the youngest's sorrow, join the show. Various stars appear and show their daily lives and how they bicker with their siblings. Viewers will be able to sympathize and laugh through the appearance of real siblings that can be seen at least once around them. Please watch the realistic household exploration project with various stars and their families together.

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