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잃어버린 건강을 어디든 무료배송합니다! 병원을 찾아가기 힘든 시골 어르신, 몸이 아파 웃음을 잃은 가족을 위한 특급 주치의 배송 서비스. 맞춤 건강 서비스부터 이웃을 위한 진료까지, 부모님과 이웃의 건강을 되찾아줄 초특급 프로젝트가 시작된다.

We'll deliver the health you lost to your doorstep! Family Health Keeper, a new healthcare reality show, offers an express doctor-care service for rural seniors who have difficulty seeing a doctor or families who have to regain their health. From the personalized healthcare solution to setting up a temporary clinic in the neighborhood, the program will bring back the health of your parents and neighbors.

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