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태어나서 연애 한 번 해보고 싶다는 건데 왜 나만 안되는 걸까. 감정을 알기도 전에 사랑을 마주한 시절, 그 시절 우리들의 서툴렀던 실수들과 마주한다. 연애 못하는 이유가 충만한 '연애 미수범'들의 로맨스 아닌 청춘 코믹 드라마

Pa Rang wants to have a girlfriend as he reached 18, but things don't go as he wants. Pa Rang suffers from a separation anxiety disorder, so he doesn't feel at ease when there's no one around him. Now his lifetime goal is to make a girlfriend who can be on his side all the time, and he decides to muster up his courage and confess his love to a girl. The romance stories of immature and young teenagers are revealed.

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