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EXO 데뷔 10주년 맞이 새로운 여행! 청정 자연을 품은 보물섬, 남해로 떠난 EXO의 다섯 멤버들. 게임도 진심, 우정도 진심, 애정 표현도 진심인 다섯 남자들의 찐한 케미를 볼 수 있는 재미 만점 여행을 따라간다.

EXO goes on a special tour in celebration of the tenth year since their debut. Every season, different members go on a trip. Five members, the leader SUHO, XIUMIN, D.O., KAI, and SEHUN, will join the trip this time. Their destination is Namhae, nicknamed "treasure island" because it holds pure and uncontaminated nature. EXO's hit-or-miss trip, enjoyed through Ghost Leg, will present an even more exciting and inviting story this season. It's extreme, adventurous, thrilling, and relaxing, offering you an opportunity to experience various feelings on a trip of two days and three nights. Set off to Namhae with the members, who are closely knit by the ten-year friendship!

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