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크리스티안 아인스호이 감독의 자전적 이야기, 가족의 초상을 담은 이 영화에는 1990년대 아버지가 홈 비디오로 찍은, 지금은 세상에 없는 동생 크리스토퍼가 등장한다. 동생을 잃은 후, 가족들 사이에는 거리감과 오랜 침묵, 저마다의 고독이 켜켜이 쌓여갔다. 아버지를 이어 카메라로 가족을 찍어온 감독은 방대한 홈 비디오 아카이브를 현재의 가족들과 접속하고 재구성하길 시도한다. 캐나다 핫독스 최고 작품상과 신인상 수상작.

Christian Einshøj’s debut feature, The Mountains, is an autobiographical story and family portrait. Home movies shot by his father show his now-deceased younger brother Christopher. After the loss of Christopher, there has been an unexplained distance and long silences among the family members, each of whom bottled up their loneliness, which they could not share with anyone. The director, who documented his family with a camera to follow his father’s practice, attempts to reconnect and reconstruct the vast home video archive of more than 30 years with his family in the present. The film won the Best International Feature Documentary Award and the Emerging International Filmmaker Award at this year’s Hot Docs in Canada.

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