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카레이서인 서태랑은 자신의 직업을 인정해주지 않는 아버지에게 스스로를 증명해 보이려고 한다. 이 와중에 기묘한 모험을 하게 되는 서태랑은 형제처럼 지내게 될 무리를 만나게 되고, 자신의 삶과 목적에 대해 새로운 깨달음을 얻고 아버지를 이해하게 된다.

Xu Tailang, a racer who feels that his father doesn’t understand his choice of career at all, gets into a car accident. While being transported to hospital, he is transported back in time and meets his young father and other people. Through the strange journey, he learns his father’s life and love story with his mother who had committed suicide due to postpartum depression, and acquires a better understanding of his father.

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