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생활수준이 올라감에 따라 가장 크게 변하는 식문화! 삼시세끼 무얼 어떻게 먹는지가 중요한 요즘, 단순히 배부르게 한 끼 때우는 건 더 이상 No! 한 끼를 먹더라도 눈과 입이 즐거워야한다. 대한민국 진짜 맛집을 찾아 낼 색다른 위벤져스!

In this age of social media where thousands of pictures of food and restaurants come to our view every hour, it can be confusing and more difficult to find a really good restaurant with authentic flavor. To help viewers make a right choice and to introduce them to a whole new world, the celebrities who know a thing or two about food are gathered. Follow Delicious Map and be ready to be amazed!

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