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박정우는 형사 사건에선 진 적이 없는 실력 있는 강력 검사이자, 가족에게는 좋은 남편이자 아버지이다. 하지만 딸의 여섯 살 생일 밤에 벌어진 끔찍한 사건으로 정우의 완벽한 인생은 나락으로 떨어진다. 그날의 일을 기억하지 못하는 정우는 가족을 살해한 혐의로 수감된다. 그는 이제 그날의 기억을 찾고 대한민국의 거대 사법 체계에 대항해 자신의 무죄를 증명해야 한다.

He wins every criminal case in the day as a prosecutor, and he's a trophy husband and father to his family at night. Jung Woo's life is perfect, but a murder that takes place in his home on the night of his daughter's 6th birthday changes it all for him. He wakes up in a prison cell, knowing nothing about what happened that night, but he happens to find himself with four fellow prison mates who help him to find justice for his family. Fighting one trial at a time, while suffering the effects of short term amnesia, Jung Woo makes his way to Min Ho, a chaebol who happens to have some issues with him. Though he's a seasoned law enforcer, Jung Woo knows that he's against South Korea's giants, and his case will be a tough cookie to swallow. Will justice prevail, or would corruption persist?

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