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근육통 그냥 버티시나요? 버티지마시고 착용하세요! 영구자석의 자력으로 체내침투 근육통 완화. 의료기기인증 완료! #골프 #집안일 #집중력강화 #관절통증 지금 쇼핑하기!온라인몰 에서 구매 가능하며, 전화주문은 월요일 - 금요일: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432)로 가능합니다.

Clavis products have been approved by KFDA (Korean FDA) and have multiple patents on their design and efficacy. #muscle pain #athletes #sports #joint pain Show now! you can order at and phone orders are also available on Mon~Fri: 6am - 5pm PST (714-266-1432).

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