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대한민국 최초 낚시 예능 '도시어부'. 출항 7년 만에 드디어 횟집 오픈! 직접 잡아 올린 물고기로 신선도 200% 자연산 회부터 매운탕, 생선구이까지, 맛있는 음식을 대접한다. 낚시는 베테랑, 하지만 장사는 왕초보인 도시어부들의 식당 경영, 처음부터 쉽지 않다. 게다가 손님을 받으려면 물고기를 잡아야 하는데! 매출보다 오픈을 걱정해야 하는 신기한 식당, 도시횟집으로 오세요!

Korea's first fishing variety show, City Fishers, comes back with a new project: after seven years of fishing, they finally opened a restaurant! They serve delicious food, from 200% fresh sashimi made with fish they caught earlier, spicy fish soups, and fan-fried fish. Running a restaurant is challenging for anglers who are veterans of fishing but beginners in restaurant management. And they have to catch fish to serve the customer for the day. So, come to City Fish Restaurant, where the owner must worry about opening the shop rather than sales.

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