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서른아홉 그녀들의 리얼 라이프. 여자들은 두렵다, 마흔 살이 되는 것이. 마흔을 앞둔 서른아홉 살 여성들의 이야기가 바로 위기의 여자들이다. 학교 다닐 때는 처음으로 남자들을 이기고 반장이 되기도, 사회생활을 하면서는 성공을 경험해보기도 했지만... 결국 결혼이나 남자 문제에 있어 고리타분한 사고방식을 가진 이율배반적인 바로 그 서른아홉 살 언니들 말이다! 좌충우돌 스토리와 허를 찌르는 반전이 담긴 유쾌하고도 통쾌한 드라마로 세 여자의 성장을 통해 그녀들이 기대하는 판타지와 일과 사랑에 대한 따뜻한 시선을 그린 작품.

Can We Love" tells the story of three very close friends, Yoon Jung-wan, Kim Sun-mi, and Kwon Ji-hyun who are all 39 years old. They all have their own problems. Jung-wan is a divorcee with a kid and she has financial problems. She is a scriptwriter but due to financial problems she works part-time at a market. Sun-mi is a successful interior decorator who is single. She is seen as an "old maid who is dying to get married" by her ex-boyfriend who dated her for her money. Ji-hyun is married to a businessman. She seems to be living a very nice life; however, she has problems with her mother-in-law and rebellious teenage daughter. She has a secret first love, film company CEO Ahn Do-young, who is working with her friend Jung-wan. To make things worse, her businessman husband is one of the investors in Do-young's company.

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