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과거 예명 '라라'로 활동했던 배우 송미자는 인기의 정점에 있던 시기 재벌가 황태자와 뜨거운 열애 끝에 결혼했고, 25년간 재벌가 안주인으로 호화롭게 살아왔다. 하지만 그에겐 말 못 할 비밀이 있었는데, 바로 스무 살 때 딸을 낳았다는 것이다. 결국 딸의 존재를 들킨 남편 영웅은 이혼을 요구한다. 미자는 거액의 위자료를 받고 이혼하지만, 곧 사기를 당해 그 돈을 순식간에 잃는다. 이제 그녀는 살기 위해, 그리고 드라마 조연출로 일하는 딸 도나를 한 번이라도 더 보기 위해 단역부터 다시 시작한다.

Bravo My Life is a story about people who aspire to achieve their dreams no matter what. Bum Woo has been trying to become an actor for seven years. However, his panic attack is a big hindrance to his success. Do Na, a drama director, tries hard to make his dreams come true. During the process, Bum Woo learns how to love others and starts to have feelings for Do Na. Meanwhile, Lara used to be a top actress who had all the love and fame. However, after marrying and then divorcing Jung Young Woong, the wealthy chairman of JU Group, she strives to enter the industry once again from the bottom. Although she is discouraged and not acknowledged by others, even by her own daughter, she doesn't give up and works even harder. This show teaches the viewers that in order to overcome the challenges and bring change, everyone has to face their fears and pains.

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