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15년 전 전국민을 충격에 빠뜨린 고 한채진 군 유괴살인사건의 공소시효를 앞둔 어느 날. 대학 졸업반인 '다은'은 사건을 영화화한 작품에 삽입된 실제 범인 목소리가 아빠의 목소리와 너무나도 비슷함에 놀라 아빠의 과거를 추적하기 시작한다. 진상을 파헤칠수록 '다은'은 점점 혼란스러워지고 평생 자신을 위해 헌신해 온 아빠에 대한 의심은 걷잡을 수 없이 커져만 간다.

Da-eun is living a happy life with her single father, a man who sacrificed everything in his life for her. One day while watching a movie based on a real-life kidnap and murder case, Da-eun freezes when she hears the kidnapper’s actual voice included in the film; it sounds eerily like her father’s. Awash with horror and guilt for even suspecting her father, she begins to look into his past with only a few days remaining before the statute of limitations lapses on the unsolved crime. As the relationship between father and daughter wrenches apart due to mounting distrust, a man from the father’s past suddenly appears.

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