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폭력으로 퇴출을 당한 전직 야구선수 최익호는 기질을 살려 WFC 파이터가 되고 챔피언의 자리만을 남겨놓게 된다. 그의 매니저이기도 한 형 영호가 어느날 사라지고 익호는 살인미수로 경찰에게 잡혀있는 형이 사실은 에이스라는 겜블러가 자신을 조정하기위해 형에게 누명을 씌운 것을 알게 된다. 천재 악당 에이스에게서 형을 구하기 위한 익호의 초특급 무한 질주가 시작된다.

Choi Ik-ho is a baseball player turned a WFC fighter after getting banned from the baseball league over an assault charge. He is enormously talented in fighting and soon becomes a superstar in the WFC. However, one day the police come to find him and tell him that Young-ho, his brother and manager who had gone missing, has been arrested as a prime suspect for a murder of a man who had visited Young-ho to suggest a game for Ik-ho. Ik-ho finds out that a genius criminal and gambler Ace had set everything up to control him. Now, Ik-ho must clear impossible missions to save his brother from the evil grip of Ace.

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